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There are a growing number of plant nurseries around the UK who have made the decision not to use any pesticides. The majority are peat-free and some are also reducing their use of plastic, especially plastic packaging. If you know of a nursery missing from the list, please let me know.

A wide range of perennials grown without chemical pesticides. All home-grown plants are peat-free.

Growers of a good range of peat-free and organic plants.

Native trees, shrubs and wildflowers.


A range of edible and ornamental plants and trees, grown without peat and pesticides. Supplied without plastic packaging.

Organic vegetable and fruit plug plants.

A range of garden plants grown without peat and pesticides.

Specialise in plants for pollinators, and fine scented and edible plants. Use organic methods throughout the nursery.

Organic nursery with a focus on fruit and vegetables, including perennial veg.

A wide selection of culinary and medicinal herb plants, all grown organically and biodynamically.

Organic and peat-free growers of perennials

Hardy Geraniums, Ornamental Grasses and a range of unusual, rare and new herbaceous perennials. Grown peat-free and without pesticides.

Specialist nursery dedicated to plants for pollinators, underpinned by quality research. Peat-free and pesticide free.

Fruit, vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants all grown using organic methods.

Organic fruit tree nursery

Organically grown wildflowers from British seed

Online suppliers of living cuttings and rods to grow your own willow for basket weaving, short rotation coppicing as fuel for your woodburner, early nectar for bees, ornamental uses and living structures such as arches, domes and tunnels. Peat and pesticide-free.

Wildflower seed for meadows and green roofs.

The National Botanic Garden of Wales has developed a Saving Pollinators Assurance Scheme which uses scientific research to identify pollinator-friendly plants and certifies nurseries which grow without peat and synthetic pesticides. Well worth finding out more

Pesticide-free nurseries: FAQ
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